Travel Pen

industrial design

Minimalux’s latest offering, the Travel Pen, is a desk adornment worthy of the highest praise. This piece is designed as an ultra simple portable extension to the British brand's family of desk-top ballpoints. True to the Minimalux brand and beyond-words curated product list, it is fine fitting adjacent to the neighbours of the collection. Available in either aluminium or brass and offered in a polished or machined finish, the effortless lines, and the detailing of its finish is impeccable. Made from a round bar of precision engineered metal.

Designed to be seamless over utilitarian, the cap function acts as a mechanism for concealing and protecting the pointed end. Its purpose and functionality is hidden in a way, to offer the user a feeling of sophistication and even aids in the ceremony of writing (a dying art that so many of us rarely engage in enough) through the opening and closing of the device. Each piece is equipped with its own specialised Parker ink refill, which is hidden at the base. The design and considered nature of every detail of the Travel Pen is truly beautiful. Somehow it doesn’t seem to have a nod to one particular gender, which in itself, is also an admirable feat.

We spoke to Minimalux creative director, Mark Holmes about the design:

Minimalux always strives for formal reduction. We like to identify product genres in which there is potential to do this without repeating what's already out there. We saw in writing instruments an opportunity for a fresh approach and contributed our first pen 'Ballpoint' to the market place. Our new Travel Pens are an extension of this design and push the concept even further in terms of practicality and simplicity. The pen itself is the most basic stylus and stick—a fluid line of metal that produces a fluid line of ink.

The work of the London-based brand is a collaboration between their own British heritage and industry leading Ateliers and makers across the UK and Europe. The noted details, custom stamping and attention to nuance is a defining factor of Minimalux, and the Travel Pen, in all its concealed Bond-like beauty, and a welcomed sibling to their collection.

Photography courtesy of Minimalux.

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