Roller Jet Printer

Jisan Chung

In many places, printed paper has been replaced by screens, changing the role of home printers. Yet, at the same time, we enjoy tangible interactions such as taking notes on printouts and simply carrying them around for reference. Furthermore, some of us only need to make use of a printer a few times a year, so the more basic and minimalist the design, the better.

Korea-based industrial designer Jisan Chung has brilliantly conceived Roller Jet; an innovative and aesthetic printer that utilises a roll of paper instead of individual sheets to print out any length the user wants.

Jisan's Roller Jet proposes new use-cases for home printers in this digitalised world. By using a roll of paper rather than sheets, you can print out any length or purpose you want—from tickets, check-lists, daily schedules, grid lines, or gift wraps to A4 size or larger for documents. After printing, the paper can be easily torn off with a single hand.

Using direct thermal technology that doesn’t require toner or ink cartridges, this unobtrusive and compact printer reduces waste and is far simpler to manage. This deserves production!

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