Room on the Roof


An interesting trend is cementing itself as obligatory nowadays, as brands recognise the benefits of fostering talents, but with a twist — it’s on their terms and premises as well. Collaborations with artists may bring unexpected results for the host, but it’s also a chance for the invitee to explore different conditions for their craft.

Room on the Roof is located inside a tower of Amsterdam de Bijenkorf’s store — a special kind of atelier made to entice the best out of each guest. i29 Interior Architects were commissioned by the brand to convert the high-point of their brick and mortars into an alluring and thought-provoking ambient. Fortunately, minimalism was at the forefront of their minds.

Duality steps forth as absolute white and raw wood are used to great effect, as this composition maps out each area for work and rest distinctively. The archetypal minimalist blank canvas gains an extra level of depth as each space is beaming with possibilities — as it should be. The amplitude for the user is key in an atelier, especially when the notion of reflexion and observation are encouraged.

To achieve, or even consider, a room with this calibre, the vertical exploration was a key element. As wood hubs are spread alongside the beautiful round stairs each function is plotted on various heights  — a playful exploration of the space gives room for the unexpected. It’s worth noting that this project also hinges on the importance of the gorgeous high windows all round, taking the colour pallet to new heights.

An ambient clearly fit for individuals beaming with ideas ready to come out, this is minimalism as the perfect stage to foster meaningful and inspiring concepts.

Photography by Ewout Huibers.

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