Poise Chair


The identity of a design is formed not only by its form and function, but also its name. Although the amount of effort and consideration being put into a name is no less thoughtful than the design itself, it’s often brushed past with little attention. Therefore, this article focuses on the very basic factor that forms a design’s characteristic; specifically Poise–a minimal rocking chair by Brandon Mike.

Based in Austin, Texas, Brandon is a multidisciplinary artist that experiments with materials to merge human interference with nature and the environment to create products that are both simple and beautiful. For Poise, Brandon’s single objective is to modernise the rocking lounge chair with an effortlessness in appearance while maintaining its core value. Using a circular geometry and additional structural reinforcing, the designer was able to attain a constant state of equilibrium when the chair is at rest. This is a result of careful calculations and a harmonisation of science and design, which in itself is an elegant process. Another complex layer of this furniture lies in its composite materials of obsidian and concrete. That alone is a bold composure that visually strengthens the object, which only relies on slim brackets for stability.

All of the aforementioned qualities of the design is exuded from the name. For me, the sound of Poise communicates a sophistication that’s immediately understood when one links between its form and label—a graceful comprehension.

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