Saint-Laurent Apartment


Located in the core of the bustling art and fashion scene of Montreal, Saint-Laurent Apartment is the bespoke creation of Atelier Barda measuring at 105m2. The concept is a unique blend of the comfort of a hotel loft with the attention to detail of a store boutique. It is an exceptional minimalist showcase of interior design and contemporary trends in architecture.

The main living room is the undeniable heart of the apartment—the perfect stage for the custom-made furniture. Two leather couches and an oversized coffee table sit beautifully in the middle facing each other—a strong statement as an area for lounging and interaction. It is a smart direction for an apartment aiming to host international clients and professionals from the fashion industry. On the side lines stands a gorgeous metal bookcase, sporting a specially diagrammed collection of books and potted plants; as well as a marble bench along the opposite side.

The kitchen and bedrooms do not trail behind, as each one boasts a mix of marble, gypsum and a striking matte black stained oak in several key objects. It is an intriguing mix of textures relaying an undeniable modernist feel through the juxtaposition of volumes. After all, this is a complex project without ever letting go of amplitude and fluid circulation between all rooms. The furniture design studio Foraine shows the architect's unique flair to minimalism alongside the use of very strong willed materials, as well as flawless taste for a bold interior design. Bravo!

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