New Sculpture

art & illustration

Sculptor Richard Serra’s latest exhibition New Sculpture is currently being featured at both Chelsea Gagosian Galleries in New York. Described as one of America’s greatest modern sculptors, the exhibition is set to run from October through January 2014 and plays a pivotal role in being an extension and progression of his work to date.

The pieces comprise a series of large waterproof steel members engulfing the two gallery spaces. The play on scale and the stripped back minimalism of the raw but exquisitely articulated materiality is both powerful and overwhelming. These giants seem to have a luminescence and their interaction with the adjacent pieces is almost harmonic and creates nuances of quietness. This exhibition through its grandeur and discipline instills reflectivity.

Richard Serra’s work is consistently well considered and important. This latest New Sculpture exhibition is one to see and immerse oneself in fully.

Photography courtesy of Gagosian Gallery

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