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Saint Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Brazil, specialised in smart minimalist apparel, accessories and original art pieces. Creative director Caue Nunes tastefully handles the exquisite combination of simple geometric lines, high-quality materials and a slight hint of tropical influence.

Their Instagram gallery is a perfect extension of the brand's visual quality, mixing a tasteful selection of the store products, and conceptual pics emerging from the director’s camera and handpicked images. Minimalissimo sat down for a quick chat about the project that is turning heads of coolhunters and minimalism enthusiasts alike.

Saint Studio easily stands out amid the Brazilian Market, and increasingly in the world stage as well. How did this project come to be?

Back in 2009, I started to become interested in a fashion style that simply did not exist in Brazil, I saw myself forced to dress and consume the same aesthetic as everybody else around me, and that annoyed me. Then I remembered, my grandmother is a seamstress, so I requested her to design some pieces for me. Therefore, what started as a personal project, slowly caught the attention of a few friends and they wanted to buy the pieces from me. One thing led to another, and Saint Studio was effectively created in 2012.

The brand’s visual signature is undeniably minimalist. What led you into that direction?

My friends and family always told me I was essentially minimalist, from the way I talked to how I like my coffee and pasta, all simple. Again, back in 2009, I started to get increasingly more interested in everything minimalism, from art to design, and fashion of course. I wanted to dress more straightforwardly and assertively, I didn’t like taking too long to decide what to wear. Only those who have a basic wardrobe knows the pleasure of easily pairing up pieces and looking good no matter what. Ever since I started my brand, I have the benefit of designing clothes for myself, and luckily, it attracted an audience with similar taste.

The product selection is quite eclectic, but still holds a cohesive identity. How is the selection and creation process?

The idea is to create goods that are long lasting, may it be for its build quality or timeless design. My creative process is quite open-minded, I tend to observe what surrounds me and I trust my sense for aesthetics for every collection — as I’m guided by colours, forms or textures mainly. As for the product selection, we always try to identify items that are rare to find or inexistent in our market, and we create them with our essence in mind. All pieces must converse with our previous creations.

When and how do you decide to take a photo?

I take a lot of photos, everyday, I’m addicted to it. Since I’m a really observant person, I don’t follow any specific rule. I see a scene that interests me and I try to capture it to my best capabilities, if it doesn’t turn out all that well, there’s always Photoshop. I also believe our cultural baggage is a key influence always.

What are your favourite words on minimalism?

“The more minimal the art the more maximum the explanation” by art critic Hilton Kramer.

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