Mr N Lamp

industrial design

Koncept's Mr N Lamp is a curious creature in minimal industrial and lighting design. Designed as a seamless arch of illumination using an advanced light panel technology, the LED lamp has its own sense of character. Measuring at just under 190mm in height, and available in both a metallic black and silver finish, the light can be illuminated, and dimmed, simply by one touch at the underside exterior face of the lamp; quite ingenious really.

With the whole exterior surface of the light acting as a continuous spread, the affect of the warm 2700K, soft, and non-directional glow that is created is something rare in lighting design. Koncept are based out of Monrovia, California, and the lamp is designed by Peter Ng who believes in combining and balancing form and function; something he has mastered in his 30+ years as a designer. Combining intuitive technology and innovation, the singular line of light of the Mr N Lamp, acting almost as a sculpture, is a welcome addition to any space.

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