Every beautiful painting starts with a blank canvas. The same can be said for interior design; when a space is to be filled with colourful additions, it’s best to provide a neutral platform. That might have been the reason behind Cotaparedes Arquitectos’ all white beauty salon L'OCCOCÓ.

Situated in the city of Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, salon L'OCCOCÓ stands out with its monochromic palette, almost laboratory-like. Keeping the interior simple, the architects created depth to the space with a continuous wall to ceiling treatment by covering the inside with slender wooden slats in a determined distance. The precision and repetition give the feeling of a new dimension that’s both modern and confined while mimicking the existing louvers on the outside. For an urban property with not much surface area, the designers were clever to use its interior for a minimalist inside-out façade. The wooden slats also come down to create a transparent divider between cutting and washing areas. This spatial interaction then is reflected with large mirrors, resulting in an interchanging illusion of vastness.

The pure white aesthetic of L'OCCOCÓ is an intervention of both visual and sensual aesthetic. For it acts like a blank environment to be filled with new creations—the customers’ transformations.

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