industrial design

All products should be designed for a purpose, putting its user first. Good product design is rethinking the way people live, and to help makes our lives better in one way or another. For those who suffer with visual impairments, it can be difficult for others (who don’t) to appreciate the everyday difficulties and challenges they experience—as simple as they seem.

Sensus is a wearable navigation device for the blind and visually impaired which was conceived by Lithuanian designer Gražina Bočkutė.

Using an infrared sensor it detects an obstacle and sends a vibration that intensifies when that obstacle is getting closer. The device can be attached to almost anything. It uses different parts that can be easily inserted in the device. These include a clip and a ring to attach to a white cane and an armband.

All of these parts fit in a compact case in which the device can be charged and the parts carried at any time and anywhere.

There’s so much to appreciate with this design, not least its beautiful simplicity, resulting in a life-changing device for someone to experience the world everyday in a new way.

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