Level Lamp

industrial design

Permafrost’s Level Lamp sees a beautifully seamless linear light floating effortlessly above its surface. Imagined as a collaborative piece between the industrial designers at Permafrost and furniture designer, Petter Knudsen, this piece was born. Aiming to rethink light both in in terms of functionality and technology, Level Lamp was a project initiated in 2010 as part of an exhibition called Beyond Light, as part of a conference called Beyond Risør, where the design team and furniture designer were paired. Intended to be made from a collection high performance LEDs, the main feature is the wide horizontal light surface that is consequently created.

Designed with movement in mind, movement of passers-by and the Lamp’s engagement with its environment. The upper illuminated arm is intended to be activated through the smallest touch from the user, the user simply moves the light by brushing his hand along the underside of the lamp. Made of concrete and brushed aluminum, there are points of anchorage that allow for the lighter elements to appear weight-less.

Based in Norway, Permafrost is an industrial design studio consisting of four designers; Andreas Murray, Eivind Halseth, Oskar Johansen and Tore Vinje Burstad. Their ethos is heavily linked to a research and exploration process where they seek to reveal the essential nature of the product. Petter Knudsen is a furniture designer, based in Bergen, who collaborates regularly with industrial designers. Not yet in production, the launch of the Level Lamp prototype could still eventuate, with continual dialogue with the appropriate partners transpiring. Seeing such a beautiful and well-considered piece come to life would be a great thing really.

Photography courtesy of Johan Holmquist.

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