House for an Art Collector


Think Architecture’s expertly executed vision for their House for an Art Collector is a minimalist’s dream. A residential ‘blank’ canvas of sorts, the beautiful harmony of materiality, together with considered and purposed volumes, carves out spaces where treasured collectables can be showcased. Situated in Zurich, Switzerland, the clear connection to the brutalist style of contemporary architecture of the region is celebrated. Conceived mainly from concrete, steel, and glass, a series of spaces (a living space for the client, a private gallery and an apartment for a guest) surround a purposefully stripped back series of inner rooms for display.

Epitomised by long open spans to the nature and vistas beyond, Swiss architecture is known for its rigour, concealed in a minimalist overcoat. The complex structural systems supporting said spans, and providing for seamless connections is at the core of the culture. This house is no exception. Think Architecture are the embodiment of these values. Their emphasis is on challenging themselves, their clients, and an expected resulting typology. Through collaboration, an open invitation of ideas, possibilities, and opportunities unfold.

This house is a beautiful culmination of intelligent design, a purposed accuracy, and a deep-seeded passion for architecture that facilitates a beautiful life.

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