Spa and Wellness


This Spa and Wellness centre in London was designed by Richard Bell Architecture. The minimal spa features a monochrome design that is plentiful in texture, sharp angles, and elegant details.

Upon first entering the space, one is greeted by an array of lovely textures. Smooth stone stairs anchor the rough grey brick on the walls, while a sloped wood ceiling guides one into the main wellness area. Sleek wooden benches line the length of the walls along the spa. The textural contrast between the brick, stone, and wood is heightened by the still, glass-like water in the main pool.

The spa is divided into alternating levels to delineate the different functions within the room. The levels are formed with long slabs of stone and crisp, clean stairways. This design feature serves a practical need while adding visual interest to a large, open space.

My favourite feature of the Spa and Wellness centre is the long, central pool. The perfect rectangular pool doubles as a design feature: the smooth water reflects the walls and lighting above, making the space feel infinitely bigger. The effect is truly gorgeous.

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