Stationery by Nendo

industrial design

Nendo have designed, for their own brand by | na new stationery collection. The collection consists of eleven minimalist items: the flip pen, contrast ruler, circle tags, link clips, rubber bands, outline tray, cross pen-stand, peel pen-case, hard cover memo-pad, edge note and the dot envelope.

I would like to feature four items that caught my eye:

Contrast ruler
A minimalist ruler with marking fading from white to black, making the ruler easy to read on dark and light surfaces.

Circle tag
Normal sticky notes can be easily ripped off. The pie chart shaped notes however will stay in place for a long period of time thanks to an increased sticky surface and reduced number of corners.

Link clip
The link clips, made of high frictional paper, come connected and are detached one by one for use. Desktops keep tidy and they can be recycled along with the paper.

Edge notes
The edge notebooks have a colourful edge to help with filling. Filed with the spine outwards the books present a neat appearance, filed with the edges outwards the books are distinguishable by colour. Pages of the books are printed in a light cross pattern to provide enough guidance but less restrictive than lines.

The stationery items are available in Japan as of this month and will be exported as of April 2014.

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