Studio August


One more time, let’s turn our eyes eastward for linear, profoundly minimalist fashion design with character. Äli Kargoja left her home country to first gain experience at the atelier of Nicolas Andreas Taralis in Paris, and later at Maison Martin Margiela in New York. After this process of learning, she returned home to Estonia to implement her own vision, by founding Studio August.

By then she had found her passion for clean forms, refined lines and silent expression. Collection 3 is a beautiful combination of Scandinavian and Japanese influences with a focus on sports-inspired elements and a romantic touch. Finally, as sustainable fabrics are at the core of the sourcing for the team of August, this collection includes pieces made of bamboo, bamboo silk and organic cotton.

I’m particularly drawn to this collection because of its amazingly pure silhouettes, which come in such a skilfully chosen variety that it seems like any shape of female body might find its perfect shell. At the same time every single piece and colour emphasises the immaculate expression of the carefully curated range of fabrics.

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