TOO Speaker

industrial design

Libratone’s TOO Speaker brings minimal simplicity to portable audio. Sleek and unobtrusive, this beautifully considered piece packs a serious punch in sound with its 360 degree sound, adding to the space, without needing to be a feature. TOO can sit anywhere in a room. Available in four fabric finishes; Cloudy Grey, Graphite Grey, Caribbean Green and Cerise Pink, there is a nice subtle element of personalisation imbedded.

The Bluetooth speaker itself is clad in a beautifully woven fabric, in the same-palette matching of the rubberised features (to eliminate movement or slipping on surfaces), and which also hide the charging mechanism. TOO offers 12 hours of playback from one charge and is water resistant, further aiding to its conveniently transportable nature. Named from the idea that, wherever you go, your music goes TOO, there is an endearing quality to this mighty device.

Based out of Copenhagen, and leveraging well-executed and innovative Danish acoustic and industrial design, TOO is a beautiful ensemble, with its functionality and aesthetic.

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