Summer Residence in Imerovigli


The Greek island of Santorini undoubtedly possesses some of the most compelling architecture in the world. Design enthusiasts have long professed their love of the pristine white buildings and their blue roofs set against one of the most idyllic backdrops imaginable. In an already iconic place, how does one create a dwelling that both embraces traditional design and pushes its expression further? Summer Residence in Imerovigli is a reconstruction of a long and tall building which was formerly used as a warehouse. The structure was reworked by Kapsimalis Architects into a summer home comprised of several individual units complete with terraces, pools, and gathering spaces.

From above, the sprawling summer residence appears as a bit of a labyrinth. In reality, the wide variety of spaces provides visual interest at every turn. Curved walls and openings define much of the interior. These are sharply contrasted with the hard angles that make up the pool decks, terraces, and stairs.

The furnishings are incredibly minimal and mainly built in, providing just enough for comfort. Most of the experience of the dwelling happens outside, on the expansive terraces that occur on each level. The decks are welcoming—the pools are adorned with dining and lounge seating and shaded by subtle sun sails. And the decks are, of course, perfectly tuned to the greatest feature of the home—the main attraction—the absolutely stunning expanse of the Aegean Sea.

The island of Santorini is a beautiful place, and this summer residence adds its piece to the tradition and future of this magical place.

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