Tray Collection

industrial design

Sydney-based Studio Kyss is a not-so-surprising minimal find. Headed by designer Kenny Yong-soo Son, his Tray Collection is a minimalist’s dream. The collection sees a series of slim line horizontal forms perfectly finished in smooth concrete, with small lipped edges all smoothly finished to a mere height of 8mm. Available in two shades of concrete, these pieces are 185mm in length and 115mm wide.

The independent studio is available to order in Australia and New York. At the core of the creator’s work, is an interest in creating work that has the ability to interact physically and emotionally with the users, essentially giving longevity to the object. He is interested in engaging in a relationship with the user and a connection to the core want for his objects. In creating such minimal, timeless and considered pieces, the collection will no doubt create lifelong relationships. Studio Kyss’ Tray Collection celebrates the beauty of concrete and the splendour of considered lines.

Photography courtesy of Youmee Jeon.

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