T-House Revisited

Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan
Kubota Architect Atelier

Minimalissimo invites you to revisit a project from 2007, a true contemporary gem. Highlighting a unique kind of showmanship and quintessential minimalism.

There is little surprise that this uniquely designed Japanese dwelling has won multiple awards. Designed by renowned architecture firm Kubota Architect Atelier, T-House is a minimal and monolithic, two-storey reinforced concrete construction built on the slope of a hill. It takes great advantage of the surrounding view through a wide opening on the first floor.

Situated in Kanagawa Prefecture, southwest of Tokyo, the exterior of this home is something to behold. For starters, it doesn’t even look like a home. It is more reminiscent of a service station or a bus terminal. Yet, the beauty of precision and pure white geometric design makes this a highly curious and inviting facade. And what could be more impressive (and unusual) than a swimming pool at the house’s entrance with views out to the sea?

As we move below to enter the lower floor, we are treated with quintessential minimalism from the first step. Besides the lack of ornamentation and all-white furnishings, the most notable element of T-House is the expansive window that offers the most remarkable and serene sea view. The contrast between the clean and crisp atmosphere of the interior and the natural environment is a true highlight of this project. The open-plan interior is arguably more on the extreme end of the minimalism spectrum. Still, with such strong connections to the outdoors and as calm as the pool above, T-House and Katsufumi Kubota deserve all the plaudits they have received.

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