Table Light

industrial design

At Minimalissimo we occasionally feature past design work to highlight their timeless qualities, as well as to set a dialogue for the state of contemporary designs where products are being churned out at an uncontrollable rate.

Miyake Design studio founded by Japanese designer Kazushige Miyake is one of the most popular industrial design firms around the globe, due to their clever executions to combine complex functions and simple aesthetic. The studio is best known for its multiple successful collaborations with Japanese concept brand MUJI; one of many being the Table Light. Functioning as a desk lamp to help illuminate the workspace, this minimalist design is foldable and rechargeable. When closed, the light transforms into a beautiful sculpture with a handle on top to facilitate transportation. When opened, the light becomes a crane that can rotate at many different angles to allow varied usage under different circumstances; whether when one is at the office, at home, or at school.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about this design is that even after two years in the market, its appearance is not dated and its use is always in need. In a way, Miyake Design is brilliant at finding solutions to design problems that can transcend the factor of time in modernity.

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