The Daily Edited, Sydney


While greyscale colours remain the popular choice to communicate a design as minimalist, there has been a strong presence of monochromatic hues in the design industry.

With Melbourne-based accessories shop The Daily Edited (TDE), the new location in Sydney is a melodic arrangement of pink shades. Designed by Australian studio Pattern, the minimalist interior employs an openness with a curved wall at the entrance; this creates a navigation path that visually leads people in and out in an effortless manner. While the space is wrapped in a tone of soft pink, furnishes like table top and floor mats take on a different texture with undulating patterns. In the midst of serenity, these piercing treatments give focal points to the eyes. Occasionally, the insertion of white planes, such as the terrazzo floor and metallic shelving units, cools off the temperate nature of the colour pink to harmonise all the elements together. The deliverance is a chic ambience that acts as a still background for TDE products.

For us, shades of pink are often underrated due to its association with femininity. Their characteristics are as timeless as black or white and their presence might not be as bold, but there is a charisma that embraces many at first glance. Lying in its softness is a cleverness that’s long-awaited to be identified and an implied fierceness that’s not too forceful. They are similar to the women of TDE and they are the contemporary.

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