THE Lunch Box

industrial design

The inconspicuous bento box may encapsulate two diverging facets from Japan: sporting hectic, excessive colours and textures, just like the crowded streets of Shibuya; or absolute clean lines and reductionism, like the renowned Japanese architecture. Fortunately designer Keita Suzuki masterfully chose the minimalist variance for his take on the famous Japanese dish.

Japanese brand THE confidently continues its mission to craft new archetypes of everyday objects; this time around THE Lunch Box comes blazing in with a stunning silhouette and an aluminium finish. The build material offers extreme lightness, as well as being a hygienic option, odourless and heat-conductive vessel for the chosen meal.

Visually it’s a welcome change of pace, since it’s the perfect blank canvas for beautiful food compositions when opened — and may I add, a gorgeous ornament when closed as well. A truly elegant accessory for the daily routine, especially when the market rarely offers such variance.

Once more, THE cements its position as one of the most exciting brands to keep an eye on, especially for unexpected industrial design. This extreme minimalist take for the classic bento is surprisingly fresh and relevant. Itadakimasu!

Photography courtesy of Ode to Things.

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