The Soap Co.

package design

The Soap Co. have produced these well-packaged soaps with a rigorous and beautifully minimalist design in black and white with an interesting twist. Based in the UK, The Soap Co. is a social enterprise that employs people who are blind or otherwise disabled or disadvantaged. All profits go back into the business so they can create even more jobs. And just like their packaging, their ethics are black and white. The Soap Co. believe their policies and products should be good and do good.

In order to make a positive social impact, the company are launching their national brand of handmade soaps after having started with a small shop in the Lake District. All soaps are made with natural extracts, added vitamins and are colour and paraben free.

Launched in September 2015, a new range of soaps and lotions include Black Poppy & Wild Fig, White Tea & Citrus. The clean and clever brand identity and packaging design is courtesy of London based Paul Belford Ltd.

Every time a product from The Soap Co. is used, one creates opportunities for people with disabilities who create, pack, sell and distribute these soaps with a lot of care.

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