The Standard

industrial design

Amsterdam-based industrial design studio Kevin Shek has recently designed and engineered The Standard lamp, in collaboration with Standard Studio Interior Architects. The goal was to redefine the purpose of illumination that is better suited to the daily routine of those who experience micro-living environments, especially at the dining table where the user often has to dine and work in the same area.

The Standard lighting is used for ambiance and work purposes by switching between cool or warm LED light, with the brightness able to be adjusted from 2700K to 3500K. The user can also store small items in the lamp, such as smartphones, keys, or writing utensils in order for a cleaner and more organised space. Easy to reach and yet out of sight. And while you are storing and working, you can charge your smartphone with a 3.0 USB fast charge. I like that.

Comprised of impact-resistant folded steel and coated with black powder, it ensures the solidity and stability of the lamp, with the top part available in two kinds of oiled wood—Oak and Nutwood. The lamp contains no chemical glue connections, and it is accessible to repair or recycle top to preserve the enduring usability.

On how the design was conceived, Kevin Shek tells us:

I believe that the essence of lighting is to improve our mental health through control, self-expression, and enduring products. We live in a throw-away society where products are designed that don’t last longer than two years. I strive for more enduring products by combining minimalist design and personalisation features with engineering feasibility that preserves usability for the long term.
Although originally designed for small work/life spaces, The Standard could very easily be incorporated into larger offices and homes.

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