La Pinada House


La Pinada House is a renovation project that gives new life to a home that has been occupied by the same family for several generations. Designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, the house is comprised of two main volumes clad in white siding. The uppermost story is shifted on its lower counterpart, forming an asymmetrical cantilever over the front of the structure. Floor to ceiling windows stretch across the main façade; at night the windows create a runway of illumination on the home and surrounding site.

Rich layers of whites, greys, and tans send warmth and depth to the interior. I love the use of natural woods in the living room — the soft material is a lovely contrast to all the white. The furnishings are plush and comfortable — a nice change to the stark pieces y0u often see in this type of dwelling. Clean, white cabinetry keeps the space free of clutter and pairs well with the interior architecture.

Outside, sleek stone defines the outdoor living space while covered and closed-in areas create cozy seating arrangements across the site. La Pinada House is so much more than its interior: it is truly an indoor-outdoor home.

Photography by Fernando Guerro FG+SG.

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