This is Iceland

art & illustration

Born from a fascination of the Land of Fire and Ice, quite literally in most parts, a passionate visual enthusiast saw this project come to life. This is Iceland is a site conceived by Matteo Ermeti, coded by Manuel Moreale, with branding and web design by Alessandro Scarpellini. This project is undeniably a lovechild of an incredible landscape, a love I also share. Being at the whim of such incredibly powerful natural forces, in terrains unknown and sometimes, that seem completely alien and otherworldly, conjure childlike feelings of curiosity and intrigue. A place, for so long, cut off from the world, so raw and untouched, untethered by the wants and demands of a growing world populous, this project is about celebrating the beauty of Iceland.

Ermeti, the Art Director, Film creator and Photographer has taken in a quiet yet loud single step into this the diverse and beautiful world. His images and film footage take the viewer into this headspace. It’s a place of many things, with an increasing population of tourism, the local labour market and infrastructure is having to adjust and expand their hospitality at a surprising rate. Ermeti’s This is Iceland was captured in September, in the mid-season when the shortness of light, or overwhelming abundance of sunlight, isn’t an issue. It shows a landscape at peace, and extreme simplicity and minimalism that seems to take the mere human, back in time, before we built and made our worlds. This project is the ever so needed reality-check, a transportation portal, to a beauty beyond our own inception. It is a project that pays gratitude to our planet.

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