h.3 Chair


How to create a minimalist furniture piece which would represent not only its beauty but also its concept? The h.3 Chair designed by Regular Company perfectly answers this question.

Presented at last year's Milan Design Week as part of a furniture prototype collection, the design of the h.3 Chair is focused on contrast, from the shape of the chair down to the materials of its two opposing segments. The inspiration for the chair comes from the ascetic beauty of architectural structures, metal constructions, their pure and elegant geometry.

The construction of the chair is deliberately perpendicular, geometrical, architectural, masculine, cold, in contrast with the embracing, open, feminine and warm seat and backrest. Those differences are connected so well and appear in one elegant chair piece. The designers explain:

With the products we wanted to show our design process and sensibility in different materials. We believe that understanding material and technology, and pushing the limits of both in close collaboration with manufacturers, as well as understanding the context of the project and brand you're working with, are the fundamentals of good design.

I personally adore the material choice that embraces the form of the object, giving a hidden mystery, and strong image.

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