House To See The Sky


Based in Mexico, Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos is an architecture firm that focuses on residential projects. Under the command of Abraham Cota Paredes himself, this young studio has put out many beautiful projects such as House To See The Sky in Guadalajara, Mexico.

With its poetic name, the entrance greets viewers with a cantilevered structure that frames the Mexican blue sky. Strategically (or seemingly) held up with a single corner of the concrete wall that leads into the living room, the mediating space between inside and outside both share the same upward view; the only difference lies in the degree of privacy. Minimally decorated, this two-story home dedicates its lower floor for public programs such as the kitchen while preserving the upstairs for bedrooms. By choosing darker tiles for flooring, the architect intends to give the focus to openings throughout the house that leads to the open air.

With a minimalistic design and smartly executed, the architect accomplished infusing nature into House To See The Sky through viewports. I completely adore the glimpses that one gets while navigating around the house, especially the tiny crack between the concrete gates, behind the green foliages.

Photography courtesy of Onnis Luque.

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