industrial design

I was recently introduced to the small, independent bicycle company, tokyobike, founded in the quiet Tokyo suburb of Yanaka. The name was derived from the design of the bikes. Much like how the mountain bike was designed for the mountains, the tokyobike was designed for Tokyo.

Based on the concept of 'Tokyo Slow' the bikes are designed to be light to ride with an emphasis on comfort over speed. The bike is simply a way to enjoy your city, as much about the journey as the destination.

There are four types available in the tokyobike range; CS, Bisou, Single Speed, and Sport - all of which have a stunning minimal design in a wide variety of colours. From the simple Cro-Mo Steel frames, to the comfortable seats and handlebars, this is everything I want in a city bike. I am particularly tempted by the black SS and the all black Sport.

There are international stores in London, Berlin, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney.

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