Touch Collection

industrial design

Although this is a design that was announced back in 2015, it is one that we have only recently been introduced to, and given its timeless and understated design, it is deservedly celebrated today. Made by design studio Geckeler Michels for world renowned premium coffee brand Nespresso, the Touch Collection is an innovative range of cups designed to enhance the coffee experience.

Sleek black and straight lines inspired by the fashion trend of sophisticated black are a visual delight; the shiny and matt finish is inspired by the stylish design of the Nespresso machines whilst the shape of the cup with its silicon ring pays homage to the iconic coffee capsule.

Geckeler Michels integrated the strongest identity element of Nespresso in the cup design, which is the shape of the capsule. This is reflected in the form of the upper part of each cup. The result is a cup shape with a strong silhouette which provides a subconscious hint to the brand’s identity.

We invited Geckeler Michels to explain a little more about the project:

We were commissioned by Nespresso to design a new family of cups for everyday use. The Touch Collection has been designed with attention to detail and careful consideration of materials. A choice of black pigmented porcelain guarantees a deep brilliant colour finish—glossy black is married with a matt ‘bisque’ base, and a central silicon ring provides an easy grip and irresistibly tactile appeal.
But this range is not just about aesthetics as the cups have also been expertly designed with Nespresso sensory experts to release the intensity of the aroma. Furthermore, the cups’ concave bottom ensures the optimal crema both in terms of finesse and quantity.

The minimalist Touch Collection consists of four different sizes to meet the preference of all coffee lovers: Espresso (80ml), Lungo (170ml), Cappuccino (180ml), and Mug (300ml).

The Berlin-based industrial design studio Geckeler Michels was founded in 2013 by David Geckeler and Frank Michels. The design-duo met during their studies at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and gone on to develop designs for furniture, lighting, tableware, and home accessories. Geckeler Michels style matrix ranges from German design roots, Berlin playfulness, and a strong awareness of global aesthetics. The balance of functional and decorative character of products is always at the forefront of their work.

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