Little Bulb

Office for Product Design

Originally conceived as a smart night light for children, Little Bulb by Office for Product Design works just as well as a reading lamp on a bedside table, a portable torch, or simply as a small, flexible light anywhere else in the home. It gives off a warm, diffused glow which can be fine-tuned to suit your mood or how you want to use it.

The simple, minimal, but characterful design consists of a soft translucent silicone diffuser and a small base that houses an array of LEDs, a battery, and other electronics. Thanks to the induction charging, the light is completely free of any contacts or switches. The soft tactile design feels great in the hand. Whether docked into the charging cup or used remotely, the light is simply switched on/off by pressing it and can then be dimmed by twisting.

Besides being operated manually, Little Bulb also has a whole host of useful additional features which can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app. This allows certain behaviours to be introduced, such as setting a wake-up or sleep schedule and reacting automatically to sound when a child wakes up or when someone enters a room.

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