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In the face of material shortages brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dutch designer Tim Teven didn't see obstacles; he saw an opportunity for ingenious creativity. This led to the birth of the Tube Series, a collection of furniture that defies convention and celebrates resourceful innovation.

Tim harnessed his design prowess and embarked on a journey to craft an entire collection of benches sculpted exclusively from identical steel tubes found within his Eindhoven studio. This wasn't merely a workaround; it was an artistic exploration that turned limitations into innovation.

A graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven, Tim Teven approaches design with a strong focus on materials and technicality. He leverages the production process as a powerful design tool, shaping the final form and function of his creations. The Tube Series exemplifies how Teven's experimental methods and hands-on approach can yield functional yet captivating objects.

Through a series of mechanical actions, including pressing, bending, and shaping, Tim developed a system that maximised the utility of the steel tubes. This inventive procedure not only overcame material shortages but also birthed a new collection of furniture pieces characterizsed by a consistent, minimalist aesthetic.

This collection is not just furniture; it's a story of transformation, where limitations become the catalyst for innovative design, resourcefulness, and craftsmanship.

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