TUVE Boutique Hotel


Nestled in the middle of Hong Kong, the world-famous city known for its cosmopolitan offerings and not-at-all subtle mix of neon lights and visual distractions, is a steel gate for TUVE. The boutique hotel is an intrepid take on the shelter concept by Design Systems, offering for their guests a perfect balance between complex visuals and reduction.

The experience of entering the hotel grounds demands the attention of the guest, as it manipulates lights and various textures in complex but very straightforward ways. What could have been a mere passageway, becomes so much more. The stark geometry of each material is explored impressively, as it is the wisely chosen limited colour pallet. Unlike other hotels in which the lobby mimics current trends, the experimentation brought forward by the architects manages to offer a different kind of escapism as the guests’ marches along the pulsating corridors.

Finally, as each lodger enters their assigned rooms, they encounter first-rate contemporary minimalism. The applied concrete is impressive for its designs, as it is the furniture. The reduction down to its bare minimal is evident throughout, albeit with the ongoing texture exploration in various parts of the accommodations.

TUVE is a prime example of what a Boutique Hotel is about, as it offers a unique experience for its guests from the get-go. Minimalism, once again, shows its potential way beyond its classic boundaries.

Photography by Matteo Carcelli.

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