Flat 2.0

Mikhail Lenko

Located in the picturesque district of Kaliningrad, between Poland and Lithuania, Flat 2.0 tells a different story from the quintessential architecture that is found throughout the city. It is a renovation project filled with contemporary design touches in all spaces, all within the boundaries of a relatively small budget of 8,200 euros.

Line Design Studio have created a project that perfectly encapsulates what it means to instil minimalism in a contemporary small apartment. It is a mix of functionality and focus, as every room reads like a curated space containing only the necessary without sacrificing personality. It is very much a white cube aesthetic, but in synch with cosmopolitan aesthetics and the DIY culture.

Throughout the loft, one can find an eclectic range of solutions, from bespoke design pieces to ready made furnitures; from art pieces on the wall to a fully equipped desk. It is a project that did not sacrifice functionality in favour of form. Gorgeous white flooring sits in parallel to strong black and dark coloured decor. The contrast brings an interesting visual composition as the main argument of the project.

In this case, as opposed to so many minimalist projects, the home owners do not need to compromise their daily activities or even social life to adapt to their dwelling, as the unified space gave them plenty of room to work with. The lack of functional walls came as a gift and gave them a rare opportunity to live in a reduced space without the usual adaptations.

Small but noticeable industrial elements makes their appearance felt throughout the project, as well as simple plywood and quasi-retro grid in the office; all of them are very much affordable and easily found in any general homewares store—making a strong case that minimal interior design does not need to rely on authorial design or expensive features. Minimalism relies on the skill and the sensibility of the project designer to capture opportunities to simplify.

Flat 2.0 is a case study of minimalism on a budget.

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