A Lesson With AG Fronzoni

graphic design

The Italian minimalist designer, architect and teacher Angiolo Giuseppe Fronzoni needs little introduction. Not least because we recently featured his wonderful Quadra Lamp design. Today however, I am introducing you to a book by Ester Manitto on the teachings of Fronzoni.

The book, titled A Lesson With AG Fronzoni — From teaching design to designing lifestyle, written both in Italian and English, is an act of gratitude from student to teacher and also an invitation to others to contribute to the reconstruction of a story of human and professional experience of the highest value and of great current relevance. Ester Manitto permits us to enter the world of AG Fronzoni's workshop school, founded in Milan in 1982.

The workshop school trained and directed its students towards the practice of continual research into the essence of form in life, nature, art, architecture and design, and a respect for learning by doing.

The art direction and layout of this minimalist book, which has been beautifully illustrated, was designed by Genoa based creative studio Artiva Design.

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