Andreas Martin-Löf

The enigma of light, though elusive as a tangible entity, becomes a versatile tool in shaping the world around us. A malleable material transforming shadows into substance, and a subtle influence on mood. In essence, light becomes a steadfast companion in the journey of life.

Enter "_UNTITLED," a collection of handcrafted lamp families and their companions, created to seamlessly blend into the interplay of light and shadow that accompanies our daily lives. These fixtures, akin to background characters, subtly influence the foreground of our existence.

The brainchild of a collaboration between Andreas Martin-Löf and Konsthantverk, "_UNTITLED" marries the realms of craft and industry, intertwining the precision of machines with the artistry of human hands. This union of imagination and experience breathes life into each piece, embodying the philosophy that light is not merely a tool but a vital companion in our lives.

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