FH1 House


An interesting feature to take note on FH1 House by Russia-based architects KDVA is the absolute straightforwardness of its building, and how it could be applied to various locations. Unlike the bespoke trend to adjust to the local setting, this particular dwelling dares to propose a pre-fab allusion tailored for any kind of horizontal surface. As this project might be replicated elsewhere, the main visual draws are undeniably cosmopolitan and rooted in contemporary minimalism; thus ensuring greater charm and appeal.

The architects opted for a mix of concrete and glass as chief elements; both materials are in vogue and offer plenty of depth in use. The structure is simple as can be, influenced by modernists and its predilection for an open plan; consequently leading the way to candid openness thanks to the glass partitions from floor to ceiling. Hence, natural light is guaranteed throughout the entire house and, remarkably, more amplitude than its 70m2 would normally guarantee. An unexpected addition comes forth as the veranda extends more 30m2 exclusively for social gatherings and sight-seeing — an unconventional bonus.

The interior design sets the tone using plenty of geometric furniture and understated tones alongside the black and white theme. The dining room is the heart of the house, with a charming kitchen in tow. The concrete wall fulfils its role as structure and gorgeous visual draw for the interior, making for the visual attraction alongside a lively fireplace. The bedroom sits quietly behind curtains though, clearly not the main draw in this case. A simple approach was perfectly executed guaranteeing breadth and style in all areas.

FH1 House justifies its small scale with ease, as exactitude takes the wheel in this charismatic abode.

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