Vernayaz Sports Hall

Saint-Maurice, Valais, Switzerland
Comamala Ismail

The Vernayaz Sports Hall, emerging from an architectural competition, is a celebration of community and innovation in the heart of Vernayaz. Designed by Swiss architects Comamala Ismail, this project embodies the vision of connecting the village centre with the sports complex and nature.

The hall’s location east of the SBB railway line, amidst the sports area, is strategic. It not only serves as a meeting point for athletes but also reinforces the link between public spaces across the railway tracks. The design speaks of pragmatism and simplicity, focusing on solutions to meet unique community needs while showcasing an elementary yet rich architectural style.

The building's strong minimalist identity is accentuated by its monolithic concrete exterior and warm wooden interiors. The layout creates a new public space, turning towards the sports fields, and signifies the hall as the centrepiece of the sports complex.

Materials are used in their rawest form, enhancing the architectural experience and complementing the striking surrounding mountainous environment. The hall dialogues with nature, using minimal synthetic materials, emphasising light and acoustic comfort.

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