Feldbalz House


The Fealdbalz House, 2,900 square foot tri-level family home (also referred to as a sculpture) overlooking the Lake of Zurich, Switzerland was built by Gus Wustemann Architects and was created to accommodate both the private as well as public life of its occupants.

The upper level was set-up for parents, while the lowest level, opened to the outdoor patio and garden, belongs to the children. With easy access to the garden and the pool, it becomes the playing, active area. In between these two levels, the center of the house contains the family life, where everybody meets and circulates. The main living area is connected to the garden with concrete stairs, a perfect place to admire the view.

The architects wanted to satisfy desired level of intimacy with the contrast of wide open views in a suburban context. The solution was to use simple techniques such as Sky-Frame windows (sliding screens) which one can open and slide behind the fireplace and the stairs and translucent polycarbonate (scobalit) material for all the facades facing the neighbours. The result is an opening with no frames and the use of the scobalit facade provides a warm sheen and welcomes without giving up privacy.

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