Voisin Organique

Shao Feng
Various Associates
Shenzhen, China

The experiential notion of a certain subject can sometimes be understood by the highlight of a particular sense instead of the provocation of all senses. Much like minimalism’s main charactertistic, the choice of curation to deliver a specific experience is from filtering and focusing. In order to achieve that, compromising is an important decision.

Voisin Organique, which can be understood as “Organic Neighbour”, is an architectural project based in Shenzhen, China, designed by Various Associates. As a farm-to-table restaurant, Voisin Organique uses ingredients grown in its ECOCERT-certified farm and fuses traditional Chinese cuisine with a contemporary perspective. Inspired by the act of “Wandering in Valleys” like a rhythmic adventure in vast nature—where affecting factors are reduced immensely—the interior is a boundless space with an enveloping darkness and atmospheric glimmers of light.

Upon entering the restaurant, one is transferred to a complete contrast of inside and outside, light and dark. The shocking interference turns off directional, auditory, and visual senses. One then finds oneself lost in the expansiveness of a warm environment created by the dim segment of light from above. Harmonised with soft red hues from the main bar and matte silver foil surface, one is engulfed in a solitary embrace.

Geometric divisions are used to form spatial pockets for private areas, where circular holes bring in natural glimpses of the outside. The pattern of repeating circles is a playful addition to the stoic interior, almost brutalistic.

Navigating through Voisin Organique, one would find hidden spaces where dark corners are present. The tall ceiling gives the opportunity to explore, pulling one to all different directions—an absolute freedom. The integration of dark furnitures and walls complements with an invisible visibility. Above at the end, a deep shade of red from the ceiling recession opens up an illusion of endless boundaries.

With very few moments of lighting insertions, faint darkness wraps the whole atmosphere. The obscure blockage of visuality with a deafening tranquility gives rise to the sense of taste, which is the main focal point of the restaurant. Negating through distractions, purity of ingredients are shown faithfully and refined rawness still keeps its integrity—a true definition of minimalism.

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