AEANCE Collection 03


When industrial design meets fashion it results in style with substance, and a combination of technical and tailored aesthetics. In this case, fashion brand AEANCE collaborated with the acclaimed German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic. The luxurious silhouettes in the nine-piece collection reflect AEANCE and Grcic’s understated, timeless, and functional approach to design.

When conceiving Collection 03, Grcic applied the processes behind industrial design to fashion, creating pieces, which were simplified to their fundamental proportions. These versatile and pared-back pieces are conceived in a subtle yet strong colour palette of black, blue, grey, red, and mauve.

Functionality is at the core of these pieces with each being incredibly lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Silhouettes are constructed using taped seams, laser cutting, and bonding. Technical features, such as vent holes, internal arm cuffs, concealed buttons, and inner pockets bring a high performance finish to slim ready-to-wear shapes. Padded jackets, tailored coats, and blazers also feature a new internal mobile phone radiation-shielding pocket. This is made from Swiss Shield—a fabric with patented technology to protect from electromagnet fields, typically also used in industrial work wear.

Collection 03 is AEANCE’s most sustainable yet as 96% of its textiles are recycled, purely natural, biodegradable, or bio-based.

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