Diaframma Wall Sconce

Gianemilio Piero, Anna Monti
Fontana Arte

In the much-loved 1960s design era, Gianemilio Piero and Anna Monti designed the Diaframma wall sconce for Fontana Arte, a creation that epitomises the minimalist ethos of the era. This Italian masterpiece, with its chromed brass and frosted glass, offers a sleek, adjustable design akin to a camera's diaphragm—hence its name. It’s not just the form that captivates but the soft, distributed light it emits, adding a warm ambiance to any room.

The Diaframma's enduring appeal lies in its versatility and timeless construction. These sconces are a harmonious blend of function and aesthetic, reflecting their surroundings with a chrome finish that's as adaptable today as it was fifty years ago.

Collectors and aficionados of mid-century design celebrate the Diaframma for its elegant simplicity and the sophisticated statement it continues to make. It stands as a luminous piece of design history, illuminating modern spaces with a glow that's as evocative of its golden era as it is of contemporary chic.

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