A-Series Clock

industrial design

Known for their beautifully articulated precision in each element of their offerings, Instrmnt’s latest design A-Series clock, is no exception. Echoing the aesthetic of their preceding timepieces, the series sees the option of either anodised silver or gold, with a wall fixing option, or the option of a removable stand. The 300mm face of the clock takes inspiration from their ‘00’ dial typeset in Helvetica Neue Regular. Combining specialised internal movement components originating from Germany, and manufactured in the UK, the clear connection to the industrial history of its original creators is a notable addition.

Spun-formed by hand, this dual aspect clock offers both a pragmatic and subtle addition to any space, while the crisp precision of its original elements, make a very considered design. In a time when we are led by our smartphones, the timepiece has become somewhat more fashion than function; a considered piece that is an expression of the discerning owner.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Instrmnt continue to deconstruct the traditional, through a refined yet industrial eye, and produce timeless design beacons. Regardless of where it is placed, the A-Series clock is a welcomed addition.

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