Copenhagen Bike Company

industrial design

In Denmark, bicycles are the most popular means of transportation and up to 50% of all locals prefer cycling as their number one mode of transport to get to-and from work every day. Copenhagen constitutes the leading model of commuting by bicycle, which is what Copenhagen Bike Company want to spread to the rest of world.

Enter Norm Architects, Danish Network Association and MediaGroup Worldwide. Ole Hjortlund Svendsen, CEO of Copenhagen Bike Company, explains:

More than half of the world's population lives in urban areas, a trend that is only rising. But the growing urbanisation increases pollution and makes it harder for people to get around. Cycling is a sustainable and dynamic way to get from A-B. We want to enable more people to use the bike as their preferred means of transport in their everyday lives. Therefore, we have created a unique range of bicycles that are elegant, classic and easy to use.

They are certainly elegant and exude that classic style, but what I find particularly appealing is just how simple the design of these bikes are. A beautifully clean frame and a strong focus on functionality, these city bikes make transport not only very cool, but most importantly, sustainable. Biking is, and will continue to be in the future—the optimal way to move around in big cities. It's cheap, healthy, relaxing, extremely environmentally-friendly, and offers a unique mobility.

The first collection from Copenhagen Bike Company consists of both normal bicycles and electric bicycles and is sold worldwide.

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