Connesso Chair


Caroline Eriksson’s Connesso Chair is a thing of minimal elegance and artistry. The palette of monochrome white on all formal elements, sees the metal frame, and the leather seat come together in a sublime kind of harmony. Intended to almost conceal a hidden meaning, the chair feels effortless and sculptural. The designer’s vision to convey the history of Le Corbusier and the imposed hierarchy and ideals of the modern life, manifests in the materiality and expressed junction, with the overall finished product being a polished reflection of a comment on an unclean history.

Eriksson believes our approaches to the present are a direct product of how we nostalgically perceive our pasts, which then ultimately affects our future. Her reflections elude to an awareness beyond only seeing the good, and a want to learn from lessons that exist therein. Her work, in a very subtle and beautiful way, is her way of expressing these tensions and the human condition. The Connesso Chair is sculpturally and functionally minimal, impressively meaningful in its inception, and intelligently conceived.

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