Dokkaebi Stool


Designer Jiyoun Kim and three other creators were selected by the city of Seoul to participate in Hangang Art Park—a project to introduce artistic aspects into parks nearby Han river under the topic of Suim, which means resting in English.

For his contribution, Jiyoun Kim took inspiration from Dokkaerbi, an imaginary monster frequently mentioned in old Korean folk stories—a joyful spirit that rewards people doing good deeds and punish those who oppose them.

The Dokkaebi Stool is a cylindrical stainless steel design with eight different gradient colours on the upper part, representing the colours of pine tree forest in different seasons. Meanwhile, the mirror polished part reflects the surrounding area to create the illusion that the coloured part is floating in the air. The stool further interacts with its environment, changing its aesthetic when colours of the grass, tree and sky gradually change over time.

24 Dokkaebi stools were installed permanently in Yeouido Hangang-park and they really create a magical effect placed in the middle of the pine trees—perfectly achieving the designer's intended purpose. Wonderful.

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