Squarespace x ORMOUS

industrial design

To design a stylish and high-performance website from the ground up, a combination of skills and experience come together; user-experience to front-end design. To guarantee comprehensible lettering, a well-placed logo, to the all-important responsiveness to adapt the website to any device, from a desktop display to a smartphone. The solution to such a conundrum is the renowned Squarespace. The platform offers numerous elegant templates, all pre-designed yet customisable to simplify the aforementioned complexity to simple drag-and drop mechanics—and, furthermore, all with a gorgeous minimalist aesthetic.

We looked to luxury watch brand ORMOUS to find an exemplary case of such a well-designed site, a brand that presents an exceptionally distinguishing factor: part of their watch’s structure is made of Meteorite.

Since its artefact is quite unique, the presentation had to live up to high expectations. After a few frustrated attempts to find a digital home for showcasing its product and digital store, the team behind the new brand found its home in Squarespace. The combination of both forces worked perfectly, as the design of the website brought forward a mix of the outlandish quality necessary with a concise message. To guarantee visual impact on the visitor, the opening image translates the magnitude and feel the brand wishes to convey, such as a spaceship flying straight into an interstellar cloud.

To achieve the unison of stainless steel and Meteorite, the manufacturing process had to push the boundaries of production, achieving extraordinary temperatures to finally settle into the exclusive blend of metals. Sporting markers to the left of the face of the watch, gently pointing from 6 to 10hrs, the watch elected an idiosyncratic visual identity on its façade; very much in synch with the inimitability of its materials. It is functional as it is precise, with movement fine-tuned to Swiss Quartz movement. There is an interesting variance in colours, but it never overpowers the austere design of each watch—named after an asteroid, each with its own witness date and story.

ORMOUS is a daily reminder of the immense universe through a minimalist artefact at the reach of your hand.

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