House in Kaijin


Located in Funabashi, on the Chiba prefecture at the east of Tokyo, stands an unabashed contemporary dwelling designed by Fuse Atelier. The celebrated practice was commissioned to creatively make the best of the 70m2 base for a three-storey high programme; for that reason House in Kaijin sports a dexterous and dynamic design throughout, with an obvious penchant for minimalism as solution and elegant evolutions for each floor.

Beautiful concrete is the welcoming component, as the house features the entrance as its welcoming card, displaying all its elements at once: geometric compositions, amplitude and an inconspicuous tree as sole landscape. The premise of the house is presented in a nutshell from the get go, as the architects show their hands with courageous courtesy.

As the house unfolds on the main floor, a striking white floor and furniture maximises the visual impact for the social area — encompassing the kitchen and living room. The vibrant and versatile heart of the home confirms the ability of the designers to make most of each space, expressly with natural light and unusual windows. The top floor, vying for privacy as the main draw, celebrates the beautiful tones of the concrete once again.

As expected, the minimalist stroke of hand in each ambient is replicated in all rooms and façade, as the grey cube embodies the stern geometry and timeless quality of what is found inside. Fuse Atelier continues to masterfully control limited resources with surprising results.

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