100 Years of Pastoe


The internationally recognised Dutch furniture brand, Pastoe, is a brand that stands for simplicity, timelessness, quality and craftsmanship. This year, Pastoe are celebrating 100 years of design innovation and are currently exhibiting their many designs at Kunsthal Rotterdam, including furniture, drawings, publications, photographs, posters and advertisements.

Curated by Anne van der Zwaag and a host of notable designers, artists and architects, the exhibition includes design pieces from different periods of Pastoe's illustrious history, all presented together. We have touched on a couple of Pastoe designs on Minimalissimo over the years, but I would really like to take this opportunity to share with you some of our favourite furniture collections. These include the calm, understated beauty of Vision and Vision Elements, the clean lines and elegance of Pure, and the bold colours of Shift.

In addition to the exhibition, a book titled, Pastoe: 100 years of design innovation has been written by author and design critic Gert Staal and curator Anne van der Zwaag, published especially for the anniversary. This looks back on the past century, but also looks forward with a modern vision on living, interior and design.

Furthermore, on 27 May, an auction of old Pastoe furniture will take place in Kunsthal Rotterdam. Not one to miss.

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