Christian Dior Spring 2013 Ready to Wear


I've made this point several times before, but the latest collection for Dior says it well: Raf Simons has a incredible understanding of minimalism and modernism. Balanced with his spirit of subversiveness, his work retains this basis whilst propelling it forward into something fresh. The result could hardly be called minimalist, but minimalism underpins the work enormously. Writing for The International Herald Tribune, Suzky Menkes called it "a triumph of 21st Century Modernism". (Perhaps this is a better label for his work.)

Describing specific pieces from the collection, Cathy Hoyrn for the New York Times wrote that the "shimmery light effects were beautiful—and a way of expanding the notion of minimalism." Simons himself is quoted as saying, “I am rethinking the idea of minimalism and it can be sensual and sexual, fun and free.” Looking at this collection I find myself à bout de souffle. Bravo, Raf Simons! Bravo!

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